Game Updates: Radar and Shop

December 6, 2016

The last few days have been very busy for Directive Alpha. And since it's been a while since I last wrote something about the development, I am going to explain the most recent changes here.

The New Radar

One of the biggest changes is the new version of the radar. I think it fits nicely into the theme of a space RPG, as I have explained before. Now it is more in line of what I think it should be.


The radar now scans one sector for each Radar Dish level. A larger dish and more sectors to scan also require more fuel and coolant.

With the new version, the radar scans each sector individually where it has a chance to discover something. What this “something” is, is determined similarly to the process of picking what's in a Gift Box. You can either find resources or iridium, but you may also discover a new celestial body which will net you Prestige. If you're very lucky, the authorities will let you name your discovery too ;)

Detection Rate

Just like in real life, the farther away something is, the harder it is to find it and identify it properly. The same applies to our radar. If it is scanning a far away sector, it will pick up a lot of noise, which makes it harder to filter out relevant signals. In other words, far away sectors have lower chances of discovery.

However, if you increase the radar sensitivity, it increases the chance of discovery in all sectors. The lowest chance is in the most distant sector, the highest obviously in Sector 1. Since the radar scans every sector individually and has a chance to discover something in every sector, you significantly increase the chance for discovery if you upgrade your Radar Dish too.


The other new feature in Directive Alpha are the Permanent Bonuses in the shop. These can be purchased with Credits, which you can occasionally find during fighting and gathering. You can even earn 5 Credits if you refer a new player to the game. For your personal referral link, see the Account page. So if you enjoy playing Directive Alpha and would like to share the fun with others, why not earn a few Credits while doing so?

I hope you like the new features and have fun exploring.

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