Prestige and Daily Rewards

November 22, 2016

As of yesterday you will no longer receive gift boxes as rewards for your daily ranking in the Top 10. From now on, you will get a set amount of prestige which is shown in the daily ranking of each category. I would like to take this opportunity and explain a few thoughts about prestige and the daily rankings in general.

Daily Rankings - A Boost for New Players

There are multiple daily rankings, namely radar, character and gathering levels and attempts, and the newest category: quests.

New players can quickly level up or complete quests because of the low requirements early in the game. This makes it easier for them to get a decent ranking in the daily Top 10 for character and gathering levels as well as quests. Of course, this is intentional, because it gives new players easy access to large amounts of prestige points which they can use to boost themselves by buying bonuses in the prestige shop.

More experienced players will still be able to make it to the top ranks in other categories because they can - for example - afford more radar scans.

Why Prestige?

The reason for moving to prestige as daily rewards is mainly to offer you more flexibility as players. The contents of a gift box may become unappealing as you progress through Directive Alpha, but are still valuable to a new player.

In the prestige shop you will be able to pick your rewards yourself depending on your current focus. This means that you can get gift boxes for a quick boost in resources and Bits, or get different bonuses if you are more concerned about your long term goals.


With the change from gift boxes to prestige as daily rewards, I hope I can offer you, the players, a bigger variety of choices in Directive Alpha. If you still prefer gift boxes, they are of course still available.

I hope this article has given you a bit of insight into my development process, both on a feature level (what's new?) and on a game mechanical level (why is this new?). If you have feedback, please send me an ingame message.

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