Keeping Up

December 23, 2016

It's almost christmas, so I think a story is in order.

‘t was a quiet night…

… and I was just getting ready for bed. After diligently brushing my teeth (just in case Mum reads this), I sat back down in front of my computer to check on Directive Alpha one last time.

A new user had joined moments before, LuminaSoul. She played a bit and asked a few questions in the chat to which I responded. When I mentioned that I was trying to attract new players, she said she would tell her friends. After a while I said goodnight, went to bed and dreamed of a walrus named Frederik.

When I awoke the next morning, I quickly checked on my phone how things were in the future (i.e. the space setting of Directive Alpha) and was flabbergasted: The ingame chat was buzzing with life, I could hardly keep up with reading. During my slumber more than 120 new players had signed up.

I'm not sure whether LuminaSoul was solely responsible for the surge in players, but I like to think that she had set the initial spark.

The Consequences

My server traffic tells me that Directive Alpha has been massively increasing in popularity over the last few days. More players have started playing every day, and I have been getting so much feedback, ideas and nice messages that I can only stop and say:

Thank You!

Directive Alpha started out as an experiment for me to learn a new database (redis, if you must know) and to see how quickly I could release a PBBG. But due to the sudden rise in popularity I've had to learn so much more to prevent the game server from going down. Learning new things keeps a project interesting, so I'm almost grateful that you nearly killed my server :)

It's so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves while playing Directive Alpha. It's wonderful to read your encouraging feedback, thoughts and ideas. And it's especially nice to see players buying credits from the shop. All of this shows me that you value my work. You obviously don't want me to stop. And neither do I.

Merry Christmas To You All!


If you haven't started playing yet, go to and sign up now!