Intergalactic Exchange

December 29, 2016

In the year 3271, the Intergalactic Trade Commission (ITC) has ordered the construction of a universal trading hub, the Intergalactic Exchange. The construction of the Intergalactic Exchange requires tremendous amounts of steel, fuel, and other resources. Though building such a large structure is a strenuous task, its establishment will benefit all. The ITC hereby calls upon all to contribute resources to this massive and prestigious undertaking.

For a long time, I have wanted to make something which would give Directive Alpha a sense of community. So far it has always been every man or woman for themselves. The only interaction was through the main chat and the daily leaderboards.

On top of that, I enjoy stories in a game. I never wanted for Directive Alpha to be just the standard “slay 1000 wolves for no obvious reasons” type of game. The construction of the Intergalactic Exchange fitted nicely into the theme of the game. And since I imagine it to be pretty big, and in space, it would require a huge amount of resources and work. And since we're all gathering resources, why not make a community project with a backstory out of it?

If you're reading this from the future, here is how it worked: Everyone could contribute resources to the construction of the Intergalactic Exchange. Once it has been established, players are free to trade amongst each other. Here is how it looked somewhere around midnight on Dec 29:

Screenshot of Intergalactic Exchange

I was originally debating whether to include the construction or not. From the feedback I got, and my own feeling, I think I made the right choice to include it.

And to add a small teaser: the Exchange is actually already fully implemented code-wise. You don't have to wait for it once you're done constructing. For it to be fair, I didn't want to tease you with construction just to buy myself some time. Here's a preview screenshot:

Screenshot of Intergalactic Exchange

As soon as enough resources for the Exchange have been contributed, you are free to trade your resources.

Edit: The Exchange has been successfully constructed. You can check out the stats here.

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