Future of Directive Alpha

January 17, 2017

Since there has been a lot of discussion and many questions about what the future holds for Directive Alpha, I'd like to share my side of the story.

New Features


Ever since I've started Directive Alpha, I've had many ideas which I wanted to incorporate into the game. On top of that, with the increasing player base, we have seen a plethora of suggestions and new ideas. Some players may feel as if their suggestions go unheard and will vanish into oblivion. That shouldn't be the case.

If I don't respond to your suggestion or idea, it doesn't mean I haven't taken note of it. I read the forum daily and I evaluate your suggestions. Sometimes this might take a while. Before I start working on something, I want to check if it fits the theme of the game and also makes sense in the great picture. Usually just working through the requirements for one simple suggestion is an enormous task.

That being said, please post your suggestions in the forum so that others can participate in the discussion. If you have a bug report, you can post it on the forum or directly PM me. I can't look at the chat 24/7, so I might miss something, but I will read through the forum and all my PMs.

Release Early, Release Often

I try to work on Directive Alpha as much as time permits. My philosophy is: release early, release often. This fits nicely with a web project. New releases are cheap to ship (“Please hit F5”) and I try to keep the development speed high. I wouldn't want to play a game which remains the same for a year - and neither should you.

This high release speed comes at a price though, which involves me having to rebalance the game mechanics every now and then. It would extremely slow down releases to think out every eventuality. Why not wait until it happens and fix it then?

That brings me to another point, which I've said in the ingame chat:

Planning is For Suckers

I don't plan. I rarely have any idea what I'll work on next for Directive Alpha or how a feature will look like when I start implementing. They usually just evolve naturally from my brainy-thing and your suggestions once it's released. Whenever I get something done, I go back to my list and see what's most urgent. If there's nothing urgent, I pick something fun.

That's why it's pointless to ask me, what I'm going to work on next. Your guess is as good as mine :)


As an exception, I really do know what I want to work on next. The balancing ingame for Fighting, Gathering, Scanning etc. definitely needs to be adjusted without tipping the scales in the other direction. As I don't know when the Colony update is going to be complete, I'm not putting a timeframe on the rebalancing. Just know that I'm aware of the situation and your input on the subject is not in vain.


The bottom line is: I want to make Directive Alpha into something that I enjoy playing as much as you do. I don't know what that “something” will be. It's been one hell of a ride for me so far and I all I can ask is for you to come along.

Thank you for playing! - HP

If you haven't started playing yet, go to https://directivealpha.com and sign up now!