Alien Eradication

January 26, 2017

Note: This article mainly consists of role-playing lore for Directive Alpha regarding the securing of the trade routes to unlock the Colony feature.

My First Attempt

Securing the trade routes has been massive undertaking. It was clear that we needed outside help to exterminate the last aliens. Last Sunday, I have requested the support of a Corsair class Alien Pulverizer at the Central Bureau for Space Security. But you know how it is: I go down to their office, the grumpy guy at the counter giving me the business for showing up five minutes before his beloved Soilent Green lunch break, he gets all riled up and hectic, spills hot pre-lunch-break coffee on his lap, his supervisor comes in from all the screaming and swearing, tells me to come back Monday because they aren't open on Friday afternoons and grumpy guy really needs his lunch now.

I was lucky enough to snag a few application forms from the stand on my way out, but none of them let you apply for an Alien Pulverizer. If anyone's interested though, I have the following forms:

My Second Attempt

I went down to the office again today to apply for government help with the alien eradication. Unfortunately, they declined our request. I started arguing with the grumpy guy, but almost immediately there were three huge MK2 Fighter Robots behind me, who asked me to leave. It may not have been the smartest move to ignore them, because all I remember is a massive white flash. I awoke a few minutes later out on the sidewalk, because someone was kicking my sides. The person who kicked me, asked if it was okay and introduced himself as Captain Kirov (he insisted on the “K” for some reason). He seemed… a bit shady, but generally nice. I explained to him our predicament with the aliens, and he told me he had a ship and would help. I asked how I could repay him, but he just mumbled something about “…in due time…” whatever that means.

Anyway, I'm happy that the trade routes are finally secured.

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